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Our Team

  • Edith Parker :- Editor

    Edith is acting editor of theequipmentreports.com with over two years of experience in the field of online news under her belt. Edith has worked with multiple media houses and is currently leading a team of journalists, sub-editors, and writers through her entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Edith@theequipmentreports.com | +1 252-586-7173
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  • Sherry Schultz :- Sr. Writer

    Sherry writes about research techniques and has a lot of working experience with international companies. She has extensive experience developing marketing, corporate communications, and public relations materials in a variety of fields including finance, business, human resources, chemical, healthcare, and consumer technology.

    Sherry@theequipmentreports.com | +1 252-586-7174
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  • William Thomas :- Sr. Writer

    William is a research analyst and he is a tech expert and healthcare industry editor. He has been working for the news industry for over five years. Michael has been a leading news writer in his career. He is keen in helping people with respect to online marketing via the skillful content he provides.

    William@theequipmentreports.com | +1 252-586-7175
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